He said the May rainfall helped Northeast Texas producers finish off their crop. “Wheat was still filling heads or flowering” His yield estimate tracks with what growers reported Monday. “The average yield for Northeast Texas will likely be near 80 bushels, but some fields have gone close to 100 bushels per acre,” he said.

That’s a much better average than the rest of the state. Neely said 40 to 50 bushels for portions of central and southern Blacklands “will be the norm where freeze injury did not occur. If anything was harvested in the Rolling Plains, West Central, or South Plains, most producers were lucky to reach 20 bushels per acre, with 10 to 15 bushels more common. In the Panhandle, the very few dryland acres remaining are being harvested now and are around 5 to 10 bushels per acre. Irrigated acres are averaging 40 to 50. Most of those fields have had the water turned on since February.”

He said some farmers may still have wheat to harvest in the northern South Plains and the Panhandle. “I expect most of the wheat harvest for the state to conclude within the week,” he said.